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More Evidence Trump Directed Jan. 6th: Told Bannon on 5th, Had to Take Care of Biden Presidency ‘In the Crib’

How much evidence does Merrick Garland need?

It is true, absolutely, that none of us in the media can know what goes on in the depths of the FBI, and it is conceivable that the FBI is building their case against the entire conspiracy right now, this moment. But it has been nine months now in a case that really isn’t that complicated. Additionally, if there was a serious investigation, we would have expected arrests of patsies by now, the ones supposed to turn on the bigger dogs.

We have seen nothing. Reporters have provided the strongest evidence against the administration and reporters are limited to talking to people willing to talk. They do not have the power to get warrants to get at real information. The FBI has enough resources to have arrested hundreds of rioters, people who already have trial dates. We have yet to see an official arrested

This morning, Robert Costa and Bob Woodward released more information found in their book Peril, specifically that Trump told Bannon on the night of January 5th, “We need to k*ll the Biden presidency in the crib.” (We’re forced to use asterisks on some platforms with computers that yank words that they consider dangerous.)

From Mediaite and an interview this morning:

“Who’s he talking to that night? Steve Bannon on the phone.” Costa said. “He’s telling Steve Bannon over at the Willard hotel ‘we need to k*ll the Biden presidency in the crib.’ That was the phrase based on our reporting in that conversation.”

Woodward and Costa previously released excerpts from their book about Bannon’s connection to the events leading up to the storming of the Capitol. They wrote that Bannon claimed January 6th would be a “moment of reckoning,” and that he promised Trump “We’re going to bury Biden on January 6th, f*cking bury him.”

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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As everyone knows by now, January 6th is a ceremonial exercise whereby the Vice President verifies that the Electoral College votes are legitimate. Maybe it played a role when someone had a ride a horse for a week to get to Washington. It is ceremonial when they can be taken on a four-hour flight.

By the 5th, Trump and Bannon knew that Pence wasn’t playing along. There was only one way to “bury it in the crib” if Pence wasn’t going with the plan, only one.

Where is Merrick Garland? Is he just going to allow the most corrupt president in history, the one that tried to overthrow the government, a second chance? Our patience has almost run out. When Congress has to do the FBI’s job, the country is in trouble.
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