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Past Presidents Honor 9/11 Victims Properly While Trump Has a Disgusting Photo Op

There was an actual ceremony this morning to honor the victims. Obviously, the ceremony is first and foremost for the victims and their families who attend, along with others who support them, including past presidents Obama and Clinton, as well as our current president, President Biden. It was a respectful and solemn ceremony, one befitting the incredible bravery of firemen, doing all they could to save lives and clear the buildings.

As always, Trump couldn’t be bothered. We also have another theory that fits the same theme. He will not attend anything if he is not the main attraction.

Going to the 9-11 Memorial as a past president would be “just another event” to Donald Trump and Trump doesn’t do “just another events.” If he is not the center of attention, he cannot be bothered and doesn’t really see a reason he should go. It doesn’t matter if it’s the inauguration of a new president, which is obviously about the new president, or a ceremony on 9/11 which, just as obviously, is for the victims, if Trump isn’t the main attraction, forget it.

This is not the first memorial that we’ve seen Trump skip. Recall in Europe, Trump couldn’t be botheredย  to go to the World War I memorial, calling the American heroes “suckers and losers.” Trump cannot understand participating in something that honors others’ sacrifices. He seems to have never made a sacrifice himself. He sure didn’t today. While Trump avoided the ceremony, he did go out for a photo-op, which is all about him, as he is approached by his adoring fans. He turned 9/11 into a photo-op of himself, nothing more.

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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Tonight he will do commentary during a boxing broadcast. Amazing, he might only share the attention during the broadcast.

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