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Perhaps the Funniest Tweet You’ll See This Week: Marjorie v. Gun … Guess Who Wins?

We apologize.

The tweet below is as funny as they get and feel free to skip right on down. But to truly appreciate what’s happening here one has to understand just a bit about guns and the Republican gunnerz relationship with guns.

Making this as short and sweet as possible, even just forty years ago, the NRA was more about hunting and access to hunting areas than it was about guns. The guns discussed at NRA dinners (to raise money) and in magazines concerned the latest sporting rifles. At the time, the NRA was an organization made up of sportsmen and anyone reading this who has had a hamburger in the last week or pepperoni on their pizza has no right to look down on someone who harvests and eats game meat.

At some point, twenty to thirty years ago, the NRA became the advertising arm of the gun industry. Once the gun industry took over the NRA, it went looking for a party to take over. Most sportsmen were rural folks, most rural folks were Republicans. The couple eloped.

Since that time, gun ownership equated to freedom, Any gun regulation meant fewer guns would be sold and that would not be tolerated by the NRA. Just two decades ago, an a$$ault rifle designed specifically for the battlefield was banned, the AR-15. Unlike pistols, shotguns, and most rifles, the AR-15 carried more bullets, shot much bigger shells, and those shells fired at a much higher velocity. A pistol shot in the hip will hurt, require surgery, and make it hard to walk. A hip shot with an AR-15 will put the person down for good, never to get up again.

It is designed for war. The ban on the AR-15 disappeared when a portion of the crime bill expired. It became the weapon of choice for the people that wanted to express the most freedom, with the biggest gun, designed for warfare. Thus it is that this country’s tragedies and humiliations, Parkland, Las Vegas, too many to count, had victim counts never seen before, never even contemplated before. The AR-15 made it all possible.

To be a real Republican nowadays, one must have video of one shooting an AR-15. Ted Cruz cooked bacon on the muzzle (they get very hot). Lauren Boebert had a bouquet of them behind her in a Zoom committee meeting. And now we have Marjorie Taylor-Greene, making sure she has her video out with her shooting her version. (Look at the size of this gun and imagine the damage it can do). Except this video has a twist that is LOL funny… at least to many of us.

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And this video received a lot of praise from a grateful Twitter:

And there are about 2,000 more responses, all about the same as above. Well done.

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