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Protesters Blame Trump for Pathetic Attendance at ‘Justice for J6’ Rally Because He Decided to Golf Instead

The protest for Justice for January 6th bombed. They had a permit for 700, surely hoping that by setting the bar so low they could call anything a success. They got about halfway up to their permit. Of course, no one knows how to measure MAGA “protests” anymore.

Given that the last one was less protest and more battle, it would seem like a good idea if they kept a low profile for a while. And today, they most certainly did keep a low profile, so low that the organizers had to blame someone. They chose Trump. Yes, Trump.

CNN interviewed some of the attendees: (Video of the interview is below)

Some were upset at the former president because they felt that he, by coming out and saying people shouldn’t come or they felt he wasn’t strong enough in support. I did hear from some of those folks who took issue with it, but I didn’t hear them changing their opinions or their support of the former president.

Well, when you want to hold a protest and yet dear leader says “don’t protest” or gives tepid encouragement (at best), there are going to be people who believed he didn’t give them strong enough support. We have to say, though, given that Trump may still be thinking he could be prosecuted over the last time he “encouraged” a protest, it’s probably one of the smarter moves he’s made.

CNN interviewed the organizer:

“And as much as i just want to make one other point, as much as the organizers said, well, this wasn’t political, this wasn’t about politics, it really was, in the end. Everywhere you went here, you hear, you see signs about the former president.”

That’s cool. This website isn’t political, either. It just focuses on how some people who wear red hats are assh*les and the people that oppose them seem somewhat sane and have good ideas once in a while. But have fun with non-political political protests from here on out.

And you’ll never believe where Trump was while he pathetic supporters were trying to drum up support for the Capitol rioters…he was golfing.


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