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Rural White MAGAs Chant ‘F**k Joe Biden’ in College Football Games All Weekend and It’s Gross

“F Joe Biden.”

Now that is a peculiar thing to be trending. And yet, the roots are even more peculiar. Without any sort of structure or “plan,” (that anyone offers up), fans attending college football games last Saturday (September 4th) started chanting “F Joe Biden” and it spread to other stadiums this last weekend… September 11th. The video is below.

It all demonstrates the alpha male recklessness of the MAGA mind. As many have experienced, they not only tend to think of this as “their country,” they consider it their right to talk down to you or attempt to intimidate you. After all, we’re certain that there were many white people at these games who were not cheering “F Joe Biden!” But in a stadium full of people it can seem like everyone is yelling all at once. If one has one-third of the crowd involved, it will sound like the entire stadium unless they’re opposed by a counterforce.

But how does one counter something like the below without sounding just as juvenile and also imposing one’s beliefs on someone else? It cannot be done and that’s precisely the point, the MAGAs are happy to stand in and suck up all the oxygen, as we see from Rocky Top at the University of Tennessee:

And now from Mississippi State:

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Fox News reports that it actually began last weekend in four locations:

Old Rowe Sports identified at least four instances of the chant “F— Joe Biden!” at college football games during the weekend of September 4, 2021. The chants broke out at Coastal Carolina University, Virginia Tech, Auburn University, and Texas A&M.

Again, at small, rural, southern locations (Just in big stadiums). Despite the rise of the chant across social media, there are no reports of “F Joe Biden” breaking out in the NFL stadiums with L.A. versus Chicago, as an example. But there are no white, rural, southern college kids packing NFL stadiums. In the more sophisticated locations with a more sophisticated (and richer) crowd, we didn’t hear it.

So it occurred where the crowd was reliably majority MAGA. If a Joe Biden voter was sitting there enjoying a hotdog, there’s nothing he or she can do about it, and the MAGAs love such a dynamic. It’s analogous to the refusal to be vaccinated. They get to be bad and watch you get angry. They don’t care if you don’t want to hear it. In fact, the more you look or sound annoyed, the more enjoyment they get. They are trying to trigger the left.

It is best to not let them do so and turn away. That’ll shut them up.


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