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Shocking and Powerful Tweet Catches Ron DeSantis in His Most Pathetic Lie Yet

One has to work, hard, to find an area with sufficient ICU beds to cover an area in the United States. Perhaps the Northeast, perhaps Hawaii, maybe Alaska. We don’t know. We do know that air ambulances are going to have to become a common thing soon enough, no bed will be open long, unless the unvaxed start dying faster, and that’s not happening anytime soon because our medical people are too good… when they have the time.

And yet, despite all of this loss of life and destruction to our healthcare workers, the MAGAs see their decision to remain unvaccinated as only impacting them. They do certainly regret that cavalier attitude when they get to the ICU – at least as to themselves. But even asking a MAGA to consider that they are hurting others is too much to ask because so much of the MAGA movement has always been based on the desire to hurt others.

But DeSantis must have figured out that even he can get his ass kicked in Florida, home of the American retiree – east coast version – if he sounds like the dumbest or most cynically conniving politician in American, or both when he flatly states that a MAGAs decision to remain unvaxed doesn’t hurt anyone.

A staff member must have gotten to Ron-Don Santis and Meidas Touch took him out for a ride:

Four days! Over just four days, Ron-Don has nothing better than flat lying about what he said? He cannot even come back with, “I was actually only referencing…” Nothing nuanced, nothing, “Yes, but I said that while…” Nothing at all to prevent what just happened above? Nice job, jackass. Have you not spoken to any of the medical people in your state for the last week?

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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What a terrible and dangerous man.


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