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The ‘Justice for J6’ Rally Was a Complete and Total Failure, With Cops Outnumbering Protestors

We suppose that it’s just not as much fun if you cannot ransack the Capitol, threaten to hang various people, wear horns, and break windows to get in. Without any of that stuff, well, you’re not much more than a BLM protest, peacefully asking for a redress of grievances. What white person wants to do that?

According to The Hill:
A far-right rally organized to protest those charged in connection with the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection has appeared to draw a small crowd of people, according to circulating news footage and images on the ground.

News of the crowd came after significant buildup of security forces and the resurrection of a protective fence around the U.S. Capitol amid concerns from officials of violence and chaos reminiscent of the January attack.

A small crowd of attendees began to gather at the Capitol on Saturday morning ahead of the scheduled demonstration dubbed the “Justice for J6” rally. Reporters and videographers on the ground in Washington noted that there seemed to a heavier presence of police and press than actual rallygoers.

To be sure, we should be thankful for the low turnout, though it was to be expected. There was a point in time when this site worried – a lot – that this was the “next big thing” on the MAGA agenda. But over the last week, reports began to trickle in through reliable sources that MAGA leaders (Proud Boys, Qanons, etc.) were getting the word out, “Don’t go.” Perhaps they knew it wouldn’t be fun. Perhaps they knew they’d be met by an army this time.

But this isn’t a time to take a victory lap. Far from it. MAGA anger is as real today as it was on January 6th. Given that they will no longer be allowed to find an outlet in Washington DC, we worry that their sites will be set elsewhere. Think Oklahoma City (though probably concentrating on less loss of life so as to not be seen as an enemy to all people). We worry about softer targets.

But for today, this is certainly welcome news. If nothing else, they should be embarrassed. There is the chance that most people, even some MAGAs, believe that holding some rioters in jail awaiting trial is justice.

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