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Trump ‘Jokes’ About Catching Covid From NYC Policemen, ‘If I Catch Covid I’m Blaming You!’

Trump is awfully good at taking COVID as nothing, making it a laughing matter, predicting he’s not going to get it, and sounding all too sure of himself, isn’t he?

Now, this is nothing short of amazing coming from a man who nearly lost his life from the disease. We have read reports that Trump was far sicker than the White House let on when he was hospitalized due to COVID in October of 2020, much, much, sicker. He couldn’t walk when he got to the hospital and his oxygen had dropped significantly. One would think that the experience was enough to keep him from joking about something that could easily put him in the hospital again, as the delta variant has put many others, some just pass on through.

Fortunately, the firefighters and cops whom Trump chuckled with today are likely vaccinated, and though that doesn’t mean they can’t pass it on, it makes it less likely that it’ll get “shared” between Trump and the officers. Mediaite brings us the transcript:

As he waded into the crowd of uniformed officers for group photos, Trump remarked, “I’m not gonna catch anything from you.” The gathered officers laughed and said “no” as they gathered closely for several photos.

“If we do I’ll come back and blame you,” Trump quipped, garnering more laughs.

During the next minute or so they rearranged a few times, with Trump at one point making sure the “short ones” could get down in front and be seen in the photo. Many 

“If I catch covid, I’m blaming you,” he said to one officer with whom he posed for a selfie with the group. The police officers laughed loudly.

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Ha ha, funny guy. Good times. Never once occurred to him and say something as a follow-up, “I don’t think I’m going to catch it, I’m vaccinated. Everyone needs to get vaccinated, this is serious stuff.”

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