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Trump Lashes Out ‘TREASON!’ Over Story that Gen. Milley Took Steps to Block Trump From Attacking China

Yesterday, we covered the breaking story coming from details found within Bob Woodward’s new book Peril, a book that reviews the last months of the Trump presidency.

One of the revelations included the fact that Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs General Mark Milley took precautions after January 6th to ensure that Trump couldn’t launch a nuclear strike somewhere in the world as a parting gift, a symbol of his “power” and anger at the world.

Milley believed that Trump had lost his grip on reality in pursuit of the “stolen” election. Soon after January 6th, Milley told the entire command structure that no nuclear order could go through without his input because he was part of that command structure. Milley also took the extraordinary measure of calling China. We assume he called to tell them that the American military wouldn’t allow Trump to order a strike in his last two weeks in office and do not consider anything he orders as a threat.

Trump, of course, couldn’t possibly let this go and put out a statement that, of course, calls for Milley to be fired and tried for TREASON (All Caps in Trump’s statement). As Trump does, he started by setting out Milley’s “failures” in Afghanistan, while also talking about how he (Trump) took out ISIS, 100%. It was ISIS that hit the Kabul airport in a blast that took the lives of 13 Americans.

Laughably, Trump then goes on to call the entire story “fake” and written by two authors (Bob Woodward and Robert Costa) who write fiction. So on the one hand, Trump is calling Milley incompetent and needing to be tried for treason, and then on the other, he points out that it’s all fake anyway. Truly Trumpian.

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