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Trump Puts Out Bizarre ALL-CAPS ‘Statement’ — Sounds Like MAGA Orders for Another Riot

One has to spend quite a bit of time on the net, looking at political news, hearing rumors, to know that September 18th is a day that the MAGAs have marked for their next “big action,” something big enough to compare to January 6th. They want something to further mark their objection, something “tougher,” or the ultimate – overthrow the election.

It seems impossible, obviously, how can many of them gather anywhere and not be watched so closely… but watching them does no good. It is a question of who will and won’t fight. For now. the protest is about the “political prisoners” who continue to be held in jail awaiting trial. They are not political prisoners. But this is the starting point for the worry:

But that’s a MAGA thing. We hadn’t heard from Trump. And yet today, the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, when millions are just trying to get power back, pick up the damage, navigate the delta variant, worry about the economy, or just celebrate the last summer weekend with family and friends, today – exactly two weeks prior to September 18, Trump puts out a three-word “Presidential Statement” and it’s tweeted by Liz Harrington: “Fix 2020 First.” Is he saying “before you worry about those losers”?

Is Trump directing the troops? Do not move on? “You have unfinished business” (and he implies he’ll be fighting, too, when, really, he just wants to see what they might do). He will not be happy until this democracy is ripped apart and he’s declared Supreme Leader, who makes laws, is the judge, and the enforcer. That’s what he wants and he’ll fight to the last MAGA life to get there. Otherwise, he goes to his death a “loser,” and there’s nothing worse. Even if he wins in 2024 (Please, god, no), it will not erase the “loss.”

We are not worried about losing control of the government on September 18th. We are worried about injuries/fatalities, both to people and the Constitution, and we’re worried that the political threads will fray even further.

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Presidential statement as a tweet. “Fix 2020 (no comma) FIRST!” What is this? If it is not a directive to the MAGAs and their actions coming in the next two weeks, then it’s one of the saddest cases of narcissistic injury one has ever seen. Even Ron Johnson is on video saying Trump lost and it’s Trump’s fault.

The MAGAs are right there for him, all quote texts (as opposed to replies) favoring his tweet.

And on and on. But for anti-Trump forces, the themes and memes were mixed:

And I think mine is a worthy response, other than herd/heard:

Misspelled Herd, but other than that… It is a huge worry.


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