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Trump Sounds Like He’s SICK in Pathetic Interview Where He Struggles to Make Sense

Just as he did post January 6th, Donald Trump is back revising history, always in an attempt to make himself the winner. Trump is claiming victory in his pronouncements that the COVID virus came from a Wuhan lab, despite the fact that the science isn’t “in” yet, only that the CDC says it is more plausible than originally thought and they are studying it, and China, closely. But that’s enough for Trump.

On Wednesday, Trump appeared on “Real America’s Voice” (Whatever that is) and bragged that he never talks about being right in his Wuhan lab theory while talking about being right. And, of course, that’s Trump. But this is a serious issue.

And man alive, listen to how bad Trump sounds in this interview. Is he sick? Still suffering from post-covid symptoms? Listen to his voice.

Ok, moving on to the interview.

For one, on a global scale, it certainly does matter whether the virus slipped out of China’s Wuhan lab accidentally. We can rule out an intentional release. One doesn’t intentionally release a virus near a market in one of your own cities. If it was an accidental release, China would be made to pay reparations around the world and then be sanctioned and monitored in its virus research.

BUT, there is no definitive evidence that Trump was right, only that there is more evidence that it could have come from the lab, more than available at the time Trump was making his claims. Trump made the claim it came from the lab in order to put political pressure on China and off him for allowing hundreds of thousands to die in the United States. Trump didn’t somehow have information to be “right” about. He was fcking spitballing to save his own ass.

We know because even now, while the CDC isn’t sure, Trump’s already saying he was right. We also find it worth pointing out that it is Biden’s government, Biden’s CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who are putting these reports out! They are the ones making the “win” available to Trump, even though it’s not a win. That is how one runs a responsible, open, democracy.

We do need answers and the CDC is working its ass off to get an answer. These are not easy investigations and certainly not one to spitball. If one is going to accuse China of accidental release and demand reparations, one better fcking have the evidence. Trump’s bragging about being “right,” as if that’s the important part. No, it misses everything about this issue that actually matters to adults. And, of course, it’s laughably typical for him to say he never brags about it while bragging about it.


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