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Tucker Carlson Dangerously Suggests That the Vaccine is More Deadly than COVID

Tucker Carlson makes his millions by giving his audience what they want and it couldn’t matter less whether it is true, hurtful, embarrassing, nothing. This evening he had some Navy Commander named Furman. Don’t bother wiki’ing the guy because there isn’t anything and Google doesn’t have anything beyond the fact that the guy is a rabid anti-vaxxer. Nothing. And, what little coverage that exists is all on Far-Right websites.

Tucker decided that this non-physician, non-scientist, had a lot of good information in breaking down studies regarding vaccination. The transcript:

NAVY COMMANDER J. H. FURMAN (GUEST): Well, Tucker, I wrote that first paper because I have genuine concerns about the strategic impacts of the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory policy. And since writing that it turns out I have a lot of people that agree with me. They contacted me in every way possible expressing the same concern, and the same confusion over the necessity of this vaccine in what is probably the most healthy population in the entire United States.

Was he contacted by a single physician or scientist in the U.S. military? How about veterinarians, they use vaccinations, too?

As we have reported before, the U.S. military vaccinates its personnel for at least ten diseases, one of which is the Plague. As soon as someone discusses the necessity of the vaccine for the Plague in what is probably the most healthy population in the United States, we will move on to the next near-irrelevant disease that the military vaccinates against.


Tucker says “Right” because he makes tens of millions of dollars giving his audience what they want to hear. Right now, they want to hear that they were right to tell the libs to get bent and not get the vaccine.

FURMAN: It has a harm rate, or a mortality rate of 0.001 percent. 

Wait, wait, wait. We assume “It” is COVID. Eight total U.S. Service personnel died of COVID last three weeks. We don’t know what “harm” rate means. A fever? Cough? Loss of taste or smell? Again, three weeks.

Compare that with the VAERS harm rate where COVID vaccination harm over the last 20 months has taken almost half of the total harm’s totals in the VAERS database, the 20-years long VAERS database. 

VAERS stands for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. We cannot “compare” because “half” is not a number dumbass. Have any died of the vaccine? Moreover, this VAERS system he relies upon is a government system, set up to track rates openly and transparently.

Combine that with the unknown long-term impacts of the vaccine from this aborted fetal cell line, either derived or manufactured gene therapy vaccine. 

As we learned earlier in the week, Tylenol and Preparation-H come from “aborted” (not true) fetal cell lines, and we get the feeling Furman doesn’t know the difference between derived or manufactured, perhaps because there really isn’t a difference.

We can’t know what the impacts are going to be.

True, however we do know the short term impacts of COVID, including eight service personnel dead in three weeks, to say nothing of “harm,” which includes ICU visits, scarred lungs, hearts, depression, and anxiety, we don’t know what the term impacts of COVID are going to be.

The strategic concerns are enormous either through the sailors, half of which the entire force do not want the vaccine, that’s across the reserves and the active duty force, or can you imagine force vaccinating everyone and throwing everyone in the same experimental group and we don’t know what the vaccine’s going to do in the end. Everybody is gene — vaccine trained to the same virus and the impacts are unknown. 

The Pfizer vaccine is no longer experimental and is FDA approved. Yes, we can imagine force vaccinating everyone because they were already force vaccinated against many diseases upon entering the military. For that matter, so are the dogs used in fighting forces. If the dogs can take it without complaining… We do know what COVID will do in the end. The impacts are known.

In case anyone was left to wonder, this is 100% political. It is a way to say FCK-YOU to Joe Biden. These little babies (the ones refusing the vaccine) are willing to take on missions with expected casualty rates of 50% but they are not willing to endure what they perceive as a little poke that they won’t notice (except they won’t die of COVID).

As Tucker says, “Right.” Give ’em what they want, Tuck. How many people have to die?

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