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Tucker Carlson Said AOC Wore Her ‘Tax the Rich’ Dress So People Would Stare at Her Ass

Evidently, Tucker Carlson believes that he can discern women’s motivations with respect to how to dress, how to get a message across, and what women really want from men.

Most know that the New York Metropolitan Museum held its annual Gala this week. It is New York high society at its zenith. As such, as an empowered United States Representative from New York City, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has earned the invitation in a way that few other attendees have. Given that most attendees at the Gala are there solely due to the accomplishment of being shamelessly rich, AOC – being the fearless and unconventional woman we love, chose a dress that read “Tax the Rich” on the back. People can quibble about her method, but it’s hard to do anything but applaud the heart and motivation.

Well, it’s hard unless you’re Tucker Carlson, Tucker knows why AOC wore the dress. As set out by Mediaite:

“If you’ve been awake at any point over the past 24 hours you have probably seen this picture of Sandy Cortez showing up in a $35,000 a head gala in New York with a dress that says ‘Tax the rich” on the outside, the back,” Carlson opened. “So Cortez claims she wore the dress to start a conversation about what it means to be a working-class woman of color and not at ALL to focus on a picture of her butt.

Had she worn it across the front of her dress would it be an attempt to get people to look at her chest, Tucker? Can a woman dress herself and send a message without you (Tucker) attaching some sort of “body” thing to it? How about focus upon AOC’s mind?

Perhaps, it is weirdly unfair that AOC is also beautiful. That is Tucker’s problem, not hers, nor ours. Tucker went on to essentially accuse AOC of being a class-traitor. Tucker says that she grew up in a rich area and only plays a progressive warrior for the poor on television:

“She is so dumb and so annoying, but also kind of clever,” he grumbled while admitting Ocasio-Cortez’s successful dress gambit.”She is baiting us here. Obviously, it’s tempting to rise to the bait.”

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Unlike AOC, who has a powerful and calculating (in the best way) political mind, Tucker isn’t smart enough to realize that he just did rise to the bait, whether that was AOC’s intention or not.

“Working-class? Right,” Carlson ridiculed. “Sandy Cortez grew up very far from the Bronx; her dad ran an architectural firm, she went to BU. Like so many vapid rich girls, her primary interests are wearing trendy clothes and talking about herself. Working-class? Please. Sandy Cortez is a paid defender of entrenched power.”

If she is a paid defender of entrenched power, why is she the scorn of the Right, the party of entrenched power? Why is she pushing for a $15/hour minimum wage when entrenched power comprising the largest opposition to such reforms? Moreover, if AOC had a comfortable upbringing (We don’t know that she did, we don’t trust Tucker to tell the truth). But if she did have a privileged upbringing does that put her under some obligation to take up the wealthy’s cause? Like Tucker did? Or does one have to grow up poor to advocate for the poor?

We don’t know and we’re not trusting Tucker to understand.

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