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Typical DeSantis: Accuses Joe Biden of Having a ‘Hissy Fit’ Over Vaccines

If there was a brain cancer that impacted as many people as COVID, and there was a non-political medicine that made it such that those who took it were 10-11x less likely to die, is there any doubt that people would be fighting to get the medicine? The unvaccinated are 10 to 11 times more likely to die of COVID, according to the study linked above.

Put the study together with the fact that this “cancer” happens to be very contagious and fills our ICUs to the breaking point and it describes our current situation. It all presents a damned good reason for the president to order as many people vaccinated as possible, whether they know better or not. Ron DeSantis, though, is much more concerned about protecting those who are 10 times more likely to die and fill his ICUs. Instead of saying, “Well, I don’t like it, but it’s critical that people get vaccinated,” Ron-Don talks about wanting to fight this new plan.

According to Florida Politics:

Gov. Ron DeSantis vows action on the state level to oppose recent COVID-19 vaccine mandates from President Joe Biden. Saying Biden was “acting outside of the Constitution,” DeSantis on Friday vowed he was “going to have the Legislature involved as well” to “fight back and offer protections.”

DeSantis, speaking at a 9/11 observance event, framed his resistance to Biden around the military oath he took ahead of his own commission as an officer. “When I served in the Navy, I remember very distinctly taking an oath as a commissioned officer,” DeSantis said. “Your number one responsibility was to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

When he served in the Navy, did he talk about the Constitutionality of the mandatory vaccinations they must get against eleven diseases?

“I think now is the time that we’re going to do that. When you have a President like Biden issuing unconstitutional edicts against the American people, we have a responsibility to stand up for the Constitution and fight back,” DeSantis added. DeSantis returned to this theme later in the day, saying that Biden’s action was simply him having a “hissy fit.”

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If he must make it political, why not talk about believing it’s unconstitutional and testing it in court, but then immediately saying, “That’s not to say that we’re not going to vaccinate as many people as possible…”?

Because it is 100% political. Remaining unvaccinated is the best way to trigger the libs and it’s impossible to make that statement if one is forced into vaccinations.
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