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Watch Sen. Leahy Slam MAGA Sen. Kennedy Over Interrupting Women Judicial Nominees


Dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.


Girl Dads reading this might want to take some blood pressure medicine of some kind going in. After all, how does one “fix” something so ingrained that a man is in complete denial that he even suffers from the latent misogyny.

Most, or – well, many, men realize that our culture promotes a certain amount of misogyny, and when one is soaked in that culture for a lifetime, we have to continually guard against it, even those of us that have daughters and truly want a better world for them. We must listen to women when we hear that our attitude represents some unknowing misogyny, and be open to accepting that we’re still capable, no matter how committed we are to a better and more fair society. It still takes listening.

Sen. John Kennedy doesn’t want to listen to anyone and he’s sure that he’s treating women no worse than the male candidates for judicial appointments. We will allow that he might be asking the same tough questions, that’s entirely possible. We do not think that Senator Kennedy is interrupting men in the middle of answers to the same degree that he interrupts women. Senator Leahy certainly doesn’t believe so. Senator interrupted Senator Kennedy’s interruption of Judicial nominee Jennifer Sung:

There seems to be this idea that, especially if we have a woman nominee, you can interrupt her anytime you want.

Nicely done, Senator Leahy. Girl dads, good dads, and women everywhere, certainly appreciate it.


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