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Arizona State Rep. Upset About Bisexual Superman and Issues Funniest Tweet Ever

This story is extremely difficult to follow, but we’re near-certain that’s for the best.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers truly went out of her way to create what might be the single best (with respect to hilarious irony) tweet in all of history.

In short, Rogers is upset that in the new Superman movie, the one involving Clark Kent and Lois’s son, Superman himself is bisexual. News to us, but news we confirmed. Wendy Rogers didn’t need to confirm anything to send out a tweet that needs a place in the “stupid tweet” hall of fame.

First, and – quite obviously, the best part, is that Wendy herself made Superman gay when she insisted that Superman loves “Louis” Lane and not Lois.

Second, there is a difference between being gay and being bisexual, though the distinction must be lost on Wendy, who – on her own accord, hooked up Superman with Louis without breaking up with Lois (that we know of).

Third, there is the ridiculous “thooperman,” which we presume is some sort of “joke” about a lisp many people like Rogers associate with gay men. We are near certain that Wendy has met many gay men and had no clue that they were gay because they weren’t running around asking people if they wanted a “thandwich” on a Subway run.

Fourth, according to Mediaite:

 This Superman is not Clark Kent, but rather Jon Kent, the son of Lois and Clark. So one should probably not be declaring this character is in a romantic relationship with Lois Lane.

Correct, because that would then cross over into what really is an improper relationship, rather than one that is perfectly normal and healthy.

Yes, because we knew you’d ask, Twitter did love this:



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