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CBS’ Margaret Brennan Shocked When Gen. Milley Said Jan. 6th Was a Possible Precursor to Revolution

Fiona Hill is an American hero. The Eastern European specialist fearlessly testified as to what she witnessed along with her analysis before Congress during one of the most bitterly partisan events in recent history. She appeared today on CBS’s Face the Nation to discuss those aspects of Woodward’s new book that detailed Milley’s actions and statements.

Specifically, Brennan focused on how General Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was quoted comparing the Capitol riot to the “great dress rehearsal” ahead of the 1905 Russian Revolution.

As summarized by Mediaite [1]:

As Hill assessed that right-wing populism in America is a greater threat than populism from the left, Brennan asked Hill to react to Peril, the book from Robert Costa and Bob Woodward that produced a number of stark revelations about the Trump presidency. Brennan specifically focused on how General Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was quoted comparing the Capitol riot to the “great dress rehearsal” ahead of the 1905 Russian Revolution [2].

“You’re a Russia analyst, you know immediately what that phrase is, which is what Lenin called an uprising that preceded the revolution,” Brennan said. “I read that and I said, ‘Dear God!’ The general is saying that this is a precursor potentially to further vi0lence? Is this overstating things in a historical sense?”

Hill responded without hesitation. No, this was not overstated, noting that we saw what happened in real-time. Additionally, we might add, if we saw those images coming from any other country, France, Egypt, Peru, it wouldn’t matter, we’d say that the country is in trouble, that a revolution has begun.

Hill’s next statement was of the type one would expect of a woman of her caliber:

This is exactly the thing that you think of in historical revolutions. Storming the Bastille during the French Revolution, storming the Winter Palace during the Russian Revolution that General Milley was alluding to.

And as he was saying, we’ve seen many historical episodes where there is vi0lence. People discount it. They think that this is just a passing occurrence. Vice President Pence has been downplaying it, even though he would have been targeted. He was targeted. They wanted to lynch him. And then people sweeping this away, saying nothing happened here. And the next time around, you get the real thing where people actually do seize those major buildings.

Brennan: “My God.”

Yes, indeed. We at this site can also state, from the research we’ve done, it does not take a majority of citizens to successfully pull off a revolution that overpowers a country. It only requires that the military either stay out of it or side on the revolutionary end. Our military would likely stay out of it, despite their oath, “foreign or domestic…”

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