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Fiona Hill Calls Trump ‘The Political Equivalent of a Flasher’ and the CNN Host is Shocked

We opined two days ago that Fiona Hill is an American hero. She stayed to serve in the Trump administration, believing she had something to contribute to her country. She most certainly did, if someone would have allowed it, or wanted to hear her.

Originally from the U.K., Hill is an Eastern European expert. She has spent a lifetime studying the history and current developments in Russia and Ukraine. One gets the sense that her view of these countries clashed against Trump’s view, perhaps throughout.

Trump saw these countries as friends (the legitimate government of Ukraine is an ally), Hill knew far better and we’re sure much of it comes out in her new book There’s Nothing for You Here.

Hill compared Trump to something that women in the U.K. have to put up with. (More than here, we presume). She said: “the political equivalent of flashing that women had to put up with in the UK. Trump revealed himself, and people just got used to it,”

John Brennan asked her to elaborate, humorously noting he’d never get the picture out of his head. (Nor will we). Hill responded just as one would expect from a genius professional who should have been one of America’s most valuable assets under Trump:

“Well, I can’t.

“That (getting flashed) happened to me so many times as a kid. This was kind of what I thought when I saw it again. Somebody does something outrageous, but it happens so often, and people in other positions of authority don’t question it.

They don’t say, ‘Wow, what are they doing here?’ And the fact that vice president Pence, someone who could have been severely injured or even killed on Jan. 6 by the mob basically calling for him to be hung, is now saying, ‘There’s nothing to look at here, it’s all fine.’ This is exactly an example of what I was talking about, the normalization of violence, or the normalization of something abusive.”

We certainly never want to think of flashing as ever getting normalized, but we definitely see what she means by normalizing outrageous behavior. After all, we ended up with a violent riot in which Mike Pence was the intended victim, and yet – already, Mike Pence has joined the rest of the MAGA cult and normalized the riot.

We know exactly what she’s talking about.

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