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George Clooney Slams Trump in BBC Interview: ‘Trump Was Just a Knucklehead That Chased Girls’

We deserve this.

For everyone that has put up agonizingly with Trump since… since 1991, when reading the Vanity Fair article on him that described an asshole that defied the possible, until today, a day after a “rally” (revival?) in Iowa, we deserve this. We deserve hearing from one of the world’s coolest guys, and, less famously, one of the deepest thinkers.

You will be shocked to hear that George Clooney still cannot stand Trump. Given Trump, and the way Trump sees the world, you know that this one simply has to hurt more than most. Trump loves “winners.” Witness his fascination with Tom Brady. Well, George Clooney is a winner.

In a BBC interview, Clooney points out what everyone has seen as “obvious” for quite some time. The people that Trump attracts to his rallies as precisely the type of people that Trump hates. He looks down on them as “low class” (so ironic).


Clooney makes women swoon, still, and yet he respects women. There were never whispers about him womanizing in a degrading way, no pictures of him passed out with three women hanging off him. He was the “anti-Trump” when it came to how he treated women (as far as we know, and we certainly cannot speak to everything). And so to have one of the world’s ultimate “winners” look down on Trump while batting him away as nothing but a “knucklehead who chases girls.” This is, it is… we deserve this:

Yeah. He still makes women swoon, still a winner, still a guy’s guy, and still knows that Trump’s a knucklehead, knowing him since way back when, back when, back when Trump was just practicing being a real knucklehead and loser.

People loved it:

And this is great:

Perfection. One of the world’s biggest winners, calling Trump quite the loser.


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