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‘I Lost My Job And No One Wants To Hire Me!’: MAGA Rioter Breaks Down Sobbing At Court Hearing

We have already reported once on Robert Reeder, of Harford County, Maryland. He had a sentencing date, over a month ago, but on the day of his sentencing, new video arose, found by the sedition hunters. The video provided dramatic evidence as to the aggressiveness of Reeder’s actions toward the Capitol Police. The government originally requested a two-month sentence, but then withdrew that request to evaluate the video.

Originally he had said he was proud of his participation in the demonstration, which – pro tip, is a bad argument at sentencing. The video removed the “proud” portion of the argument. It showed nothing more than a common thug doing what thugs do. (See Below)

On Friday, he again appeared before U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan for his second attempt at sentencing on one count of parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building. It didn’t go as well as Reeder might have liked and we have another classic demonstration of white entitlement.

Reeder was sentenced to three months in jail. The prosecutors had asked for six. Reeder might have thought himself lucky. The judge could just as easily have given him the six.

Instead, Reeder pleads unfairness, according to WUSA 9:

Reeder himself told the judge he has been unemployed for 10 months, and that his relationships with his son and family have been severely damaged.

“I’m radioactive,” he said. “No one wants to hire me. They just have to Google my name.”

Here is the play by play of the court actions on Twitter and it’s really worth a read, it was fascinating:

Yes, we have no doubt that all the above is true. The problem with the argument is that every criminal, facing sentencing in every court, can say the exact same thing. Committing crimes and going through the criminal justice system is about punishment. Reeder is reacting to both his sentence as punishment and being shunned by the public as punishment.

We can only speculate that Reeder is one who wanted the 2020 summer rioters thrown into prison as deserving very harsh punishment, including being shunned in public. It is called white entitlement and we continue to see classic examples.

Here is Reeder back then:

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