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Iowa Man Seems to Think That More Flags Saying Trump Won Means That Trump Actually Won?

One of the joys of this work is gazing upon… sore losers? Maybe the belief that if they just advertised just a little bit more, people would finally “get it.”

Actually, the only joy is in seeing the idiots taking themselves so seriously, the overall problem is far more serious. There was always talk about whether Trump would ever peacefully give up power. Many of us saw this as patently absurd, “Of course, he would, but only because he’d be dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming. He wouldn’t sit there defiantly and order the military to protect the White House. (Came close, though)

Instead, he fought a more invisible war, one that’s harder to fight. Because his ego simply cannot stand the fact that he lost, he must proclaim that he won. Period. He has to protect that narcissistic injury, the “loss.” The loss after his first term hurt far more than a potential loss in 2016. In 2016, no one expected him to win. His idea of a win was getting a financial boost.

When he actually did win, he looked scared as hell, until he eventually figured out that he could get away with damned near anything, so long as he was willing to break all norms. He was.

And he made money while being president! He had it all and started to enjoy being president. Those “sir” stories didn’t write themselves. So the loss hurt, it hurt so badly that he never did give up power peacefully. Indeed, he’s still tearing this country apart. And even though it’s funny to mock guys like this guy below – who seems to believe that the more flags they put up, the more they prove that Trump won, it’s really just proof that Trump never really would give up power peacefully.

Correct. Because it is true. If we decided presidential elections by signs and flags, Trump would be the winner. That guy up there can prove it to you. Nice signs.

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