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Jim Acosta Shames the Politicians Who Attended Trump’s Rally: ‘It is Twisted and Evil … Darkness Filling Your Soul!’

With apologies to Rachel Maddow, right now, there is no better journalist on television than Jim Acosta, who – for some unforgivable reason, CNN has hidden away mid-day on weekends. Acosta doesn’t just report on what is happening within the last week, he packages it together in what some might call “opinion pieces,” when – really, they’re just reality pieces.

When an anti-vaxxer is literally feet from a school board member’s face, screaming, is that not b*llying? Of course it is, that is a fact, not an opinion, and Acosta reports it as fact, that we’ve become a nation of b*llies. (Sorry, certain words can’t be monetized so we have to creatively changed them.)

On Saturday, he came ready with examples, starting with the ultimate act of b*llying, January 6th, the Capitol riot:

“January 6th is another perfect example of the bull1es facing few consequences for their actions. Many of the rioters are getting off with light sentences, despite video evidence of an attempted coup.”

Acosta then played various examples of b*llying, even of Lindsey Graham for saying that the vaccine worked, a montage of Trump supporters, yelling and screaming, and followed ith this devastating summation:

“Tell me it’s a cult without saying it’s a cult. It’s almost like we are playing Trump cult bingo,” 

“For the most part, Republicans have decided they will not cooperate with the committee investigating January 6th. that’s despite a growing mountain of evidence, some released by the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, alleging Trump and his top aides tried to b*lly Justice Department officials into investigating bogus claims of voter fraud…

Acosta then transitioned into the shamelessness of allowing this to continue, even as investigations are starting to reveal some abhorrent stuff, and the “bullies” are ready to defy all authority:

Now, if Bannon can defy a subpoena while spouting batsh*t crazy nonsense on his disinformation podcast, if many of the insurrectionists can storm the Capitol and walk away with a slap on the wrist, if the bullies and their enablers can continue to gaslight us with their lies about horse paste and bamboo ballots, then no wonder the b*lly-in-chief is plotting his comeback. It sounds like he’s just getting warmed up,” 

And as the final, and worst, outrage, he then played the clip in which Trump referred to Haitian refugees (not the same as immigrants) as carrying AIDS, and simply coming here for free drugs. Acosta nearly spits the words out of his mouth:

“It’s twisted and evil. I’m sorry, you listen to what you just said about the Haitian migrants and say that’s not evil. Trump is scheduled to hold yet another rally with top GOP lawmakers in Iowa this evening and these politicians have to ask themselves, ‘Why are you sharing the stage with that man after what he just said about Haitian migrants? And what he did to this country on January 6th?

“When you do stand next to him, ask yourself, ‘Can you feel the darkness that fills his soul filling yours, too? It feels cold, doesn’t it?

Of the politicians on that stage, Saturday night, sharing the limelight with Trump, Chuck Grassley has to be the single most shameless. Now in his late 80s, he’s seen administrations come and go, he’s been in office in 1981, having served now for forty years. And he needs to stoop to this? At the twilight of his career, and life? He has to feel the darkness filling his soul, as Acosta says.

Acosta is quickly becoming one of America’s most essential journalists.

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