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Joe Scarborough Says Josh Hawley Should Be Jailed Because He ‘Committed Sedition Against the USA’

Joe Scarborough often rubs people the wrong way. It is perfectly understandable, he has a strong personality and can be wrong, often.

Additionally, there are those who believe that Joe and Mika contributed to Trump’s rise. That charge isn’t fair. Yes, they had him on the phone early in his run, but no one had any idea that Trump was actually a threat to win, or the severity of the threat he represented generally. To the extent a few did, good for them, most didn’t.

But of late, especially since January 6th, Joe has been right in his outrage, which is coming out more often of late. Joe believes that January 6th represents the ultimate in sedition and something needs to be done. On Friday, he simply let it fly:

I’ve got to say, frankly, I can’t believe Josh Hawley’s sitting there because he should be in jail. Why is Josh Hawley not in jail?

A guy that committed sedition against the United States of America, he churned up the rioters when they were coming up there, a guy who still voted with the seditionists and the rioters, voted with the anarchists, voted with the people who were smearing excrement all over the walls of the Capitol.”

“I understand there are a lot of Trumpists that don’t like to hear this.

I had some clown call me a couple days ago, like, ‘I can’t believe that you still say they bashed cops’ heads.’ Guess what they did? They took American flags, the flags that we care about so much, flags that Americans salute, the flags that supposedly Trump and his allies are so offended by when people kneel when the American flag goes up.

I understand that, I understand — it doesn’t seem right to people. But this flag that you love so much was used to bash in the heads of law enforcement officers. It’s on videotape, you can’t get away from it, you can’t lie.

And then there is that iconic picture, the fist in the air to the crowd. Exactly what was that? In retrospect, it damn well looks like a guy who knows what’s about to come and wants the crowd to know that he’s all in. Get ready.

“Josh Hawley can’t escape what he did on Jan. 6, that he provided aide and comfort and guidance to the people who were trying to hang Mike Pence, the people who were trying to find the speaker of the House and beat and k*ll her. Those people right there that were beating up the cops, bashing them with American flags. He can’t escape that, so yeah, Joshy boy, you’re shocked that somebody else that wasn’t a seditionist wasn’t trying to overturn an American election is sitting in the Senate? I think you got that backwards.”

“We’re all shocked that you’re there. We’re all shocked that you’re not in jail, because you should be in jail.”

And what Joe didn’t add was that Josh Hawley, along with almost every other Republican, has done everything possible to keep that day from being seriously investigated. It is almost like he and the Republican party know that something “amiss” might be discovered.

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