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Lara Trump (With a Straight Face) Slams Hunter Biden for Profiting Off of His Father’s Presidency

It is highly regrettable that Hunter Biden is selling paintings to anonymous buyers, paintings that are selling for five to six figures, from a guy with little experience or background in painting. It looks awful and it flat should not be happening.

Hunter has a law degree from Yale, he can be doing legitimate work to make money. Whether there is something unseemly about this or not, it looks bad and when it comes to conflicts, one always tries to avoid appearances.

Having said that, who is Lara Lea Trump to cry and complain about Hunter making money when Ivanka and her husband had his entire building sweetly refinanced. Here’s Lara, who got a job as a paid Trump-Talker on Fox, complaining about Hunter, from Mediaite [1]:

 “The reality is, Ainsley, we know that people be going absolutely crazy about this, there be investigation after investigation. They would try to impeach my father-in-law over something like this, gosh, seems like any chance they got they did that while he was in office.”

“But you’ll never see that happen to Hunter Biden or the Biden family, because there is a very clear double standard, and at a certain point it’s not just about liking personality,” she continued. “It’s about the safety and security of the United States of America. We deserve answers, Jen Psaki. I hope she circles back to this one, Ainsley.”

No, Lara, the reality is that Ivanka was granted invaluable patents from China, your family had gifts lavished upon it by Saudi Arabia, your father-in-law billed the Secret Service up the ying yang, and Jared walked away with hundreds of millions with a saintly refinancing deal for a building that could’ve ruined him.

Hunter really does need to leave the country, find a South Pacific island – a nice one – and teach beach kids English for 4-8 years because he really shouldn’t be doing stuff that looks this awful.

It is almost as bad as the Trumps crying about making money off the White House.


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