MAGA Pastor Says God Told Him That He’ll Soon Reinstate Trump and Remove ‘Homosexual-Loving’ Biden

Turn your volume down a little, because this guy's about to get loud.

Pastor Shane Vaughn is a throwback to the truly wild televangelists of yesteryear. He delivers his sermons in no less than an absolute full-throated scream, sometimes punctuating with some terrible singing. And he wants you to know you’re probably going to hell.

Well, maybe not you, since you’re there listening to him preach. Why, you’re probably halfway up the stairway to heaven as we speak. But gay people? People who believe in climate change? Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? Say hello to the devil for him when you get there, heathens.

Brother Vaughn was delivering a guest sermon on Sunday in South Carolina at a church that would make even Southern Baptist Lindsey Graham blush. There he told the congregation that God had delivered a message to him, but told him to “hold on to it” until he was instructed to “unleash” it to the right people. And guess what — these were the lucky ones, as it turned out.

Lucky, that is, unless they value their hearing, their sense of decency, and their sanity.

After telling them that they “don’t believe in God” if they believe in climate change, the preacher turned up the politics a notch or two and let the congregants know that God was going to let America languish for a little while under the leadership of Biden before snatching away his power and reinstalling Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

Now, normally I wouldn’t subject my readers to this kind of insanity, but this is just too much not to share. Not because it’s good or anything. But if I had to see this, so do you. There are legions of people who actually believe this nonsense, and folks like that end up storming Capitol buildings and putting explosives in Planned Parenthood clinics.

You profane homosexual-loving, ab*rtion-loving president, those that took the children and confused them about who they were, you profane president whose day is come—when iniquity shall have an end, when a man will rise up to make America great again, oh God, to make America God’s again.

You’ve been wearing a fake election and a fake crown. And you’ve been struttin’ your stuff with Kamala by your side. Jezebel herself. You’ve been walking among my people as if to say, ‘Nanny nanny boo boo, you didn’t catch me.’ You’ve been strutting your stuff among my people saying, ‘Where is your God? Why didn’t he stop us? Why did he turn it around?’ He said, ‘I want you to hear me and hear me well: Enjoy your crown. Enjoy your diadem, because when I’m through correcting America just a little bit, when I’m through letting her have the president she deserved,’ you tell ’em, ‘Hold on, because I’m coming to take your crown off of your head, you profane president of my people.’

Again, I’m sorry about your hearing. But I wanted you to know what your right-wing, racist aunt is thinking before you see her at Thanksgiving this year.

Andrew Simpson
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Andrew is a dark blue speck in deep red Southwestern Arizona, writing with the conviction of 17 years at the keyboard and too much politics to even stand. When not furiously stabbing the keys on breaking news stories, he writes poetry, prose, essays, haiku, lectures, stories for grief therapy, wedding ceremonies, detailed instructions on making doughnuts from canned biscuit dough (more sugar than cinnamon — duh), and equations to determine the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow. A wife, three kids, and a grandson round out the story, and in his spare time, Andrew loves to think about how nice it would be to have spare time.


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