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MAGA Woman at Rally Breaks Down: ‘Lost My Entire Family Over This… Trump Will Save the World!’

It is difficult to tell whether to mercilessly mock the woman below or just become that much sadder. Who would ever have thought that a single president could disrupt entire families? And yet with Trump, it is actually normal. 

Trump rallied it up in Iowa on Saturday evening, evidently not content with having disrupted plenty of families.

Why is he doing a rally? That’s an excellent question and we presume it has something to do with money because everything about Trump has something to do with money. And he surely needs the ego fix. Remember, this is the only man, ever, who continued to campaign – rally style – after having won in 2016, before he was even inaugurated.

So rally it is and that means bringing the MAGA faithful together for another night to express their bitterness, anger, and hatred at the rest of America for failing to see that this is the man who will save the world, yes – world, or at least that’s the takeaway from this woman, who we cannot identify, nor want to:

And that plea for the man to save the world is apparently brought to us by My Pillow guy Mike Lindell, or what we like to call “Patient Zero” in the “Everything Trump Touches D1es” disease category.  He now sponsors interviews at Trump rallies.

As you might expect, the internet was not feeling particularly empathetic with respect to the woman who believes that only Trump can save the world:

It is always a tough call on whether to label the MAGAs as ignorant, uneducated, all that. It sounds uncomfortably condescending and yet… it is sort of the truth, and so, it’s not our fault.

Yes, above, “Save the World,” it really has become a religion, and there is no person in this world who would agree more that he can “save it” than Donald Trump.

We don’t know, either. But it is creeping us out. Happy rally, sweet but misguided cultist in Iowa.


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