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Melania Wrote Stephanie Grisham a Letter After Her Resignation and It Was as Awful as You’d Expect

To the extend that we can trust Stephanie Grisham, and so far her stories ring awfully true, it would seem as though she and Melania did not part on good terms, despite being together four years.

This might not be that surprising, given that Stephanie resigned on January 6th, a day on which Melania wouldn’t stop a photo shoot of rugs in the private residence at the White House to even send a message to the rioters.

Grisham described the atmosphere and result:

“After they left the White House, Mrs. Trump sent all of her employees personalized letters thanking them for their service, along with a candid photo with them that she had signed. I know that because the gift was my idea and I wrote the letters which were filled with personalized details as well as their job titles,” she wrote.

Do letters even count if the idea comes from someone else and are written by someone else? We suppose any warmth in the latters gave the game away as to who wrote them.

She added: “Not that it matters at this point, but I received no gift, and my letter was so vague and cold that a doorman would have been offended. It read, ‘Dear Stephanie, Thank you for your service to the American people as a member of the office of the First Lady. I hope you look back on your time at the White House as cherished, knowing you helped serve our country. I send my best wishes to you on your next endeavor.'”

Sounds like Mel. Actually, it sounds like a letter that Jill could write to Melania, with about the same level of warmth.

“Quite the ‘Goodbye, and good luck,’ right? It’s the equivalent of a ‘Dear John’ letter for the workplace,” she wrote. “I’m not sure that was done because I resigned on January 6 or because my resignation went public in the press and she felt betrayed.”

Both, Steph, both, and some reasons we likely don’t even know. There is no doubt that Melania was upset about quitting on January 6th so publicly. You probably embarrassed Mel and Don.

Good job.


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