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Michael Cohen Says Trump’s Obsession With the ‘Pee Tape’ Proves There’s Something ‘Psychologically Wrong with Him’

The tape.

It has always lingered out there. Did it exist? Do the Russians have it? Does Trump know the Russians have it? As absurd as all of this might sound, the fact that possible “golden showers” (we cannot believe this is a “thing”) might have moved the United States out of NATO had Trump won a second term proves… it proves there was something wrong with Trump.

And that is exactly what Michael Cohen said to Molly Jong-Fast during his interview on The Daily Beast Podcast “The New Normal,” as the two of them addressed the fact that out of the fcking deep deep blue, Trump brought up the tape at a Republican donor dinner just last week!

The story is told well by Rawstory [1]:

Cohen recalled that last week, Trump told major political donors, unprompted, that he doesn’t like to be urinated on [2]. The former lawyer wondered why Trump is so obsessed with this story, that even years later he can’t stop talking about it.

“She knows, I don’t like to be peed on,” Trump told the crowd, pointing to his wife.

“If that in itself doesn’t prove that something is psychologically wrong with him, I don’t know what does,” Cohen said on the podcast. 

If that doesn’t? Volumes of books have been written proving that there is something psychologically wrong with Trump. But yes, 99.9% of the men in this country can point to their wives and say “She knows I don’t like to be peed on.” (How much money would Melania have made had she said, “Oh yes you do, you dirty dirty old man, and you will be served with divorce papers tomorrow…” )

Regardless, Cohen is right. The fact that Trump – a former president of the United States – is not talking about his immigration policies, or SCOTUS appointments, nor talking about the party’s chances in 2024, but is back to 2016 talking golden showers… yeah, something isn’t working’ all good in the bones behind Trump’s face.

In other obvious news, if you look outside, there is weather of some kind today.

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