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NJ Dems Release Brutally Funny Ad Against Republican Who Tried to Ban Swearing

Okay, as far as political ads go, one needs to do two things. One, establish the opponent, put a name to the opposition, a memorable one, and – of course, having done the first, then bury him or her in a manner that is both damning and unforgettable.

Humor can be the single most effective means of doing both. People love a good laugh and remember from whence it came.

Let us introduce you to Jack Ciattarelli, erstwhile GOP candidate for Governor of New Jersey. A little background will help since no one seems to know who the ffff, who the guy is. Wiki is going to help us out with just the basics:

Jack M. Ciattarelli (born December 12, 1961)[1] is an American politician and businessman who is the Republican nominee for Governor in the 2021 New Jersey gubernatorial election. He will face incumbent Democratic Governor Phil Murphy in the general election on November 2, 2021.[2] Ciattarelli served in the New Jersey General Assembly from 2011 to 2018, representing the 16th Legislative District. A Republican, he finished second in the primary race for Governor of New Jersey in 2017, losing the primary election to Kim Guadagno, the Lieutenant Governor of New Jeseu/ 

So, now that everyone is on the same page, we now only need to add that the man apparently (we’re trusting the commercial) once led an effort to ban swearing… in New Jersey, not Utah, but in New Jersey.

From the ad, here, it doesn’t look that that’s going to go over well:

Now THAT is funny. People write LOL all the time but rarely do they actually laugh, out loud. We laughed, out loud. And so with some Flare, we thought you might want to “evaluate” the proposal.


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