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Now It’s Getting Real: Jim Jordan May Be the Next Subpoened by the House Select Committee

There is a reason that Kevin McCarthy nominated Jim Jordan for the proposed bipartisan January 6th commission. There was a reason that Nancy Pelosi immediately rejected Jordan as a possible material witness.

There is a reason that during the January 6th riots, when Jim Jordan sought to “protect the ladies” (his words) in Congress and offered to help Liz Cheney, she told him to not dare touch her and that he wasn’t helping her because “YOU, fcking did this,” which we always believed to be an awfully personal statement in the moment because we doubt that was “you,” plural. She said “Jordan” did this (certainly with others, though there is no proof as of yet).

The reason is that in some way, somehow, perhaps by “appearance only,” (but likely much more), everyone in Congress knows that Jim Jordan had something to do with January 6th, even if it was just advanced knowledge.

The committee thinks Jordan knows something because many believe that the committee is about to subpoena Jordan – an extraordinary move. We don’t know how often Congress has sought to subpoena another member of Congress, it cannot happen often.

But it looks like it’s about to happen here. From our friends over at Politicususa:

What we also see from what the committee is doing and what Liz Cheney is so correctly saying is just simply, what were you doing? What did you do? When did you do it? Who were you with? How did you support it? Or how did you push back against an insurrection incited by the President Of the United States? I am proud of the committee for their vote last night, of course, to move forward

Some of the answers to those questions could get quite interesting because Jordan has changed his story a couple of times regarding calls to Trump and, again, we suspect that people in Congress know far more than they’re allowed to say in a microphone right now.

We have no proof of such, no evidence, or we’d obviously publish it. But the maneuvering we saw above, McCarthy, then Pelosi, then the likely subpoena… They’re not just subpoenaing your average MAGA congressman. Jordan isn’t average, something is going on, even if it’s small. It needs to be known.


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