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Senate Investigator Cryptically Hints at Trump Criminal Charges: ‘Look to Georgia’

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse sat down with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press this morning and went well beyond a cliche-filled interview. Whitehouse sits on the Senate committee investigating Trump’s Big Lie activities post-election and he had a few things to say that lead one to believe that the committee is well beyond what they’ve said publicly.

In the middle of the interview, Whitehouse made a startling statement, in that their investigation has “opened up even more questions about who was pulling the strings,” with respect to the efforts to overturn the election.

As summarized by Rawstory [1]:

Discussing a possible trade-off for a Trump appointee to be named the new attorney general — and adding cryptically “follow the money” — the Democratic committee chairman then turned to Georgia where state authorities are deep into investigating the former president.

So there is discussion about following the money, and who might be pulling the strings? That’s more than a bit odd. Todd then said that the end of the interim report mentioned possible criminal referrals and asked Whitehouse about what those referrals might involve. Initially, Whitehouse dodged, but then dropped a gigantic and agonizing hint:

“I don’t want to get into criminal referrals, we’re still in the interim level,” the senator replied. “But I would point to just the geographic fact that much of what took place at the Department of Justice being focused on Georgia.

Being focused on sending letters to the Georgia legislature saying that they could open up in special session and redo the election with a separate slate, and the extent to which that interconnects with the DA’s investigation into Trump’s personal efforts to threaten officials in Georgia on the same question is, I think, a very ripe area for at least Georgia’s investigation and we’ll see what the Department of Justice wants to do with it.

We apologize to Sen. Whitehouse, but we refuse to hold our breath waiting on DOJ. DOJ is in possession of direct witness testimony from a former acting-A.G. in which Trump told him to sign a letter finding fraud and that he and Congress would take care of the rest. This would seem to be an obvious crime.

But pointing to Georgia is also interesting and notĀ justĀ because we have the recordings of Trump’s phone call, but we have a recording of a phone call by Lindsey Graham (“pulling the strings”?) in which Lindsey essentially asked the Georgia Sec. of State’s office to dump votes, a more egregious act that even Trump committed.

Regardless as to “who” would be pulling the strings, there is also the suggestion that we follow the money. We have no idea what that might mean in this context because we’ve heard nothing about money changing hands. But it sounds like Whitehouse has heard things and finding a money trail might be really helpful.


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