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Shocking Video of FOOTBALL Fans Fighting Like School Children Symbolizes Everything in this Country

We are Political Flare, we deliver political news with a little flare now and then. One might initially watch the video below and think it is just a regular idiotic fight between fans of the Carolina Panthers versus fans of the Minnesota Vikings, some guys who drank too much getting out of hand. But we at this site think it’s a little bit more than that.

First of all, this is not at all a regular fight. A regular fight involves two hotheads who cannot back down, both of whom are carrying around nine Coors Lights in their head at the time. No, this appears to involve ten to twenty people and it’s far more wild. Older people end up hitting the ground hard, it escalates, so quickly, it doesn’t end quickly, security seems either non-existent or too afraid to get in the middle. (It appears to happen in the concourse of the stadium.)

If anyone has attended an NFL game of late, one knows that this is a $250 investment per couple, per game. And that’s the absolute bare minimum. By the time one pays $20 for parking, $90 for tickets (and that’s in the second deck), buys a $7 beer and an $8 hotdog, you are significantly invested in being at the game and having fun. Theoretically.

Additionally, if you are an American who can afford to attend the average NFL game nowadays, you are doing better than most, who live paycheck to paycheck and have a lot to be thankful for in this world with far fewer anxieties than some.

We don’t want to read too much into this, but it seems to us that the more often one sees fights at school board meetings, fights about vaccinations, fights on airplanes, and fights on the United States Capitol building for God’s sake, it seems to us as indicative of a larger “thing,” something where “fighting” has now become more acceptable. We have all read the stats on the disturbing number of MAGAs that believe that violence can be justified to further a political agenda.

Does that make fighting more acceptable at a football game? We think it actually does. So without going too far into the root causes, here is but one example of where the country seems to stand today:

Unbelievable and very sad. We hope it was just isolated morons.


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