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Ted Cruz Slammed for Mocking Joe Biden’s ‘Vacation’ by Mentioning His Own Trip to Cancun

Ted Cruz will never live down the Cancun run, with poor little Snowflake left inside to – ideally, do its business all over the expensive carpeting and furniture. Abandoning Snowflake to subfreezing temperatures is nothing, of course, compared to abandoning the people who elected him to federal office.

There was a role for Ted to play in that disaster, beyond just not running. Houston had a command center, one with power, and Ted could have gone down there and gotten federal people on the phone far quicker than some mid-level Texas staffer. He could have helped get the right federal person on the phone with the right state person. That’s what senators do.

Now, as for what presidents do, they go on vacation, just like a lot of federal employees. The difference between the president’s vacations and everyone else’s is that the president never really has a day off. He gets security briefings, he’s available for phone calls, all of that, just not necessarily inside the White House.

Might we add that the single last people who should be blasting anyone about any sort of vacation issue are the people who supported Donald Trump? And yet they did, they actually went after Joe Biden on taking a vacation.

YET AGAIN all-caps. We recall the same complaints about Obama, although back then we figured it was the sight of a black family getting on Air Force One that caused most of the issues.

But that wasn’t enough. Ted Cruz had to make a “joke” at his own expense, although we doubt that very many people in Texas – those that stayed – found it all that funny.

Actually, this is the time of year that it pretty much rains all day, every day, but other than that, Ted, your attempt at humor fails, indeed it’s rather sick, given the number of people that died, while you tried to slip away, and then lied your way back from everything.

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