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Trump Claims That ‘They’ Used Covid to Cheat and Rig the Election Against Him

The man who is widely known to be the least corruptible person on earth needs people to know that one of the biggest things he accomplished as president (One of two things, we’re getting there) is that he proved that the elections are corrupt. He did, almost in passing, also mention that the media is corrupt and their ratings have gone down from 96 percent. Remarkable.

But we should talk about elections because if Trump proved they corrupt, that is a significant accomplishment. If the Democrats are able to corrupt an election, we are not very good at it because he won a very close race in 2016.

Throw out the Electoral College (And we mean that quite literally, it is 100% undemocratic to have votes from Los Angeles and New York City not matter much at all compared to the votes in Georgia and Wisconsin.) The man “won” the election in 2016 by coming up 2.7 million votes short. He thread a needle, with 70,000 votes, total, through three Midwest states. A Senate committee later proved that his campaign manager in July of 2016 actually handed secret information over to someone associated with the Russian government, that specifically pointed out these vulnerable areas.

But of all the elections, that was a good one. He won. No one called for recounts, no one attacked the election in court, Hillary conceded on the very night of the election. It was clean as can be. Obviously.

He lost the second election, with some slim margins in some states, and – by sheer force of will, he proved that elections are corrupt because this time he lost by even more, seven million votes or so, and still lost the election. How is that possible, huh? Double the total vote loss and still lose the election, prove that mother…

How can that possibly be? Corruption, at every level. Everyone was in on it. In Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, all these states with huge Republican-majority legislatures, they were still in on it. Listen:

And the other thing he’s done, he’s exposed the media. The media had a 96% approval rating when he started? Can you believe that? And now it’s in the 20s. One might normally say, “How can an entire industry fall 70% in just four years, just as Trump predicted? And who did this poll because they need to be called in and polled more, on a great many things, like “define media,” and why just the 20’s? They had a solid number at 96%. Did they use the “20s” to cover up the fact that it was only 20, maybe it was 19.6 and they rounded up? Trump wouldn’t lie about something so important.

We need answers because it looked like Trump might’ve been reading off a prompter, so someone looked it up, so it’s absolutely real. We need an investigation, another one, and another one, and just keep going until Trump is in the White House for life. Only then will justice be done.


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