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Trump Fundraiser Warns Supporters: ‘You Are a Deserter!’ For Not Donating to Dear Leader

You are a traitor. You abandoned Trump. We were told you were a tried and true lifelong Patriot…

(See below)

But it is not a cult.

The latest fundraising text/email from the NRCC (Congressional Committee) lambasted those unfortunates who have failed to tithe to the cult. In this cult, God is old-school, Old Testament, Leviticus, vengeful-type and he is quite angry with his flock. Trump doesn’t have time for “Blessed are the poor.”

He knows that the flock has the gold and they’re hiding it from him. He is not about to abide by traitors. From Joe.My.God [1].

A fuming fundraising text from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has angered Trump-supporting conservatives after it called them “traitors” for not donating enough money to the GOP. “You’re a traitor,” the NRCC boomed in a mass text, presented as a message against supporters who had “abandoned” him.

The message, which was shared widely on social media, lambasted its recipients for doing “nothing” to help the Republican Party regain the House of Representatives and questioned whether Trump was “wrong” about them, before warning, “This is your final chance to prove your loyalty or be branded a deserter.”

And lest you think that they don’t mean it when they say “traitor,” or “deserter,” take a look at God’s facial expression below. He is about to smite some folks, right after getting their credit card number:

Oh, we suspect that whoever gets these texts/emails will certainly be given many more chances, unlimited chances. The only way to get cast into hell by this particular cult god is to run out of money. That is the true definition of a traitor and deserter:

Just be glad you were never brought into the tent. Now, you don’t have to buy your way out of it.

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