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Trump Lashes Out at Biden for Refusing Him Executive Privilege on January 6th Documents

As we always note in reporting on topics such as this, Donald Trump cannot exist without secrecy. He has required secrecy to get loans, to pay taxes, even to do business all these years. We doubt that there’s ever been an American who relied upon non-disclosure agreements as much as Trump, no American even contemplating it, never mind needing one.

But, especially of late, we’ve seen Trump’s wall of secrecy crumbling bit by bit, as more of his former administration officials have come forward, some with recordings. But a portion of the entire wall toppled when Joe Biden determined that the White House would not protect the Trump administration by asserting executive privilege regarding documents pertaining to January 6th.

We should note here that we were of the impression that this was all a protest that got out of hand? How could there be documents that implicate Trump in a protest that got out of hand? Puzzling.

Of course, Trump could not possibly let all of this stand without him screaming about it, and so scream he did. Keep in mind, this is an “Official Statement” from a former president, even though it looks much more like a tweet thread:

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Biden has rejected our request to withhold White House information from the House Unselect Committee investigating the January 6th protest, but has not taken a stance on the insurrection that took place on November 3rd, often referred to as the Crime of the Century.

This will put the current White House in a terrible position when the inevitable request for information comes concerning the massive corruption by Hunter Biden and the already well-documented crimes committed by the Biden family, the least of which are Hunter’s paintings selling for as much as $500,000 a piece. With our Country collapsing, with our Military disgraced, with our Borders nonexistent, when will the American people have had enough?

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Well, not to burst Trump’s bubble, but the Biden Administration (and the Trump administration) did take a long hard look at the November 3rd controversy and did take a stance. They won, the decision was made openly, releasing all documents, and giving Trump over sixty chances in court to prove otherwise. Oh, and it is not “often called the Crime of the Century,” that would be 9/11, or January 6th.

Second, and perhaps this is lost on Trump, but Hunter Biden isn’t president, and so no one will be claiming executive privilege with respect to Hunter Biden. Moreover, according to Mediaite, Hunter has not sold a painting for $500,000, that was an asking price. Hunter did sell one for $75,000 and if there was foul play involved, we hope it’s found.

As for the plea, when will the country have had enough, it sounds like the baby expects the country to plea, “It’s all our fault, we’re sorry! Dad, come back!” He likely does think that if he makes things sound awful enough, people will consider naming him the winner and inserting himself back in the White House.

But we love seeing him humiliate himself like this, over and over and over…


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