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Trump Briefly Threatens to Flee America if Biden Raises Taxes on Billionaires

I think everyone would be relieved if Trump moved all the way to outer space.

In a statement on Wednesday, former President Trump criticized a Democratic proposal that would have paid for Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan. While the “billionaire tax” was ultimately unsuccessful, Trump still denounced the effort.

Most ultra-wealthy people attack such taxes as punishment for their success. In most cases, however, “success” is not how they come by their money in the first place.

The proposal would have levied a tax on some assets of those making more than $100 million per year. It would have been tied to the capital gains tax rate, currently at 23.8 percent.

In his statement, Trump questioned who would benefit from the tax, and speculated that the rich would simply move away from the United States if it were to happen. Multiple studies show that rich people and successful companies rarely relocate over taxes, however. In fact, most of America’s millionaires live in New York and Los Angeles, two areas with some of the highest tax rates in the country.

Where will wealthy people and companies move to, leaving the United States high and dry? Most don’t need to be in the U.S. anyway. I know all of those very smartly run countries, and they are all thrilled by what the Radical Left maniacs are doing in Congress.

Trump said he would personally like to move if he were subjected to such a tax, but that he would ultimately stay in the US so that he could run for president again:

I just wonder, will I be allowed to run for president again if I move to another country? No, I guess I’ll just stick it out, but most others won’t!

Of course, once his tax returns are obtained by Congress, we may find out that he doesn’t even have enough money to pay a tax like this to begin with.

This statement was released once again by his spokeswoman Liz Harrington, on Twitter, skirting Twitter’s rules when they banned Trump from its platform:

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