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Twitter in Flames Over Nutty Trump Supporter: ‘I See Civil War Coming, We’re Not Taking It Anymore’

For reasons known only to Trump and the MAGA cult, Trump had a rally in Iowa on Saturday that gathered thousands of the diamond-hard MAGAs. For a group that prides itself in the “screw your feelings” mantra, they sure like to advertise their hurt feelings and how they want to act out on them.

“Civil War.”

Because why? Just because, that’s why. They have a right to win elections, we counted the wrong votes, brown and black votes, which are not supposed to count, so Trump obviously won if you only count the real votes. When it gets right down to it, that is what they are actually saying. One need only look at the counties they’ve sought to audit, we all know which ones.

“Civil War,” over race, again, when you get right down to it. And they are not going to take it anymore. Obviously, looking at the woman below, she’s not picking up a weapon to fight anyone, anywhere, they plan on fighting a different type of civil war this time. As we’ve opined before, think Oklahoma City, or January 6th, on a smaller scale. Expect civil disobedience, just not the MLK type. Whatever it is, this woman is angry because America isn’t great again:

Yes, she’s angry. She is not getting her way and that’s just not right. Trump won that election and you know it. Count the right votes this time!

Twitter went nuts over this one little clip:

Exactly what we just said, it seems as though everyone has the same thought. Their feelings are very hurt and that means anger.

It doesn’t matter what side the military would be on. Nowadays, with GPS-guided missiles, the internet, etc., any war between wealthy nations (or within one) is mutually assured destruction without nukes. This Civil War is coming – it’s here – they just haven’t figured out how to fight an enemy that is spread throughout the country.

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