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Twitter Loses It Over Trump Supporter’s New Massive Trump Tattoo, ‘Tell Us It’s a Cult Without Saying It’s a Cult’

Trump tattoos? Yeah, seen that. It is very hard to impress us nowadays with just a simple tattoo with a damned president on it! One that lost. This one, however, is a little bit more than “just” a little tattoo.

Back in 2020, before the election, we did a column based upon an expert in sociology who said that MAGA could easily become a religion, indeed it was already showing the hallmarks of the beginnings of a religion. The expert noted that religions had been founded upon far less.

We included a quote from a MAGA who said that if God himself told him that Trump was involved with Russia, the man said he would have to say; “Hold on a second, I have to check with the president.”

A religion is bad enough (most wars throughout history are rooted in religion), but when a religion begins where it’s really tough to figure out which one is God, then it gets a little more disturbing. After all, when God commands something, and people take their religion seriously enough… they either become liberals or fight. We have already seen what they’d choose.

People use all kinds of symbols to advertise their religion. Kayleigh wore a cross during every press briefing, and some get tattoos. For all we know, Kayleigh had both. But the tattoo below doesn’t likely come from Kayleigh, Mike Flynn, perhaps, but… prepare to either laugh hysterically, or scream in horror:

Why is his mouth like that? Never mind. And shouldn’t the Twitter birds be flying toward God, we mean Trump, if this is a religion? Wait, never mind.

Twitter didn’t know what to think, nor did we: