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Twitter Outraged After Trump Releases Grim Video Message to Ashli Babbitt’s Family on Her Birthday

Trump is finally calling for a full, free, and bipartisan investigation into January 6th, he just wants it limited to one minor element of that day. The loss of life of one of his supporters…Ashli Babbitt. We are not minimizing the loss of life to her family, we are merely comparing an investigation into the event as part of a much larger investigation into all that happened in December and January of those awful months.

But as we’ve noted on dozens of occasions, redemption from January 6th requires specific elements undertaken separately as all part of a larger plan. They must whitewash what happened, minimizing in. They must provide some sort of plausible-sounding justification. They require a martyr, a face to rally around. And, ultimately, they must become the real victims, they are subject to political persecution.

Step by step, that’s how it is done.

Obviously, Ashli Babbitt is that martyr. As for what happened with respect to Babbitt, we found a tweet that beautifully summed up the situation:

She lost her life because he sent her there. He fed her lies. He instilled anger. He incited vi0lence. And she gave into ALL of it. Her bl00d was shed for him. She’s no hero. And she’s certainly no victim. And here he is, the one responsible, demanding justice. This is pure insanity.

Yes, it is. Now watch Trump’s faux sincerity as he talks about her beautiful family and this wonderful life as if he gives two fcks about her or her family. He is using her, just like he used her before, to rally around the MAGAs in an attempt to overthrow the government. In reality, he hates these people. Ashli would not have been welcomed at his club.

But someone needs to tell Trump that the Democrats made a serious attempt at a free and fair, bipartisan investigation into what happened to Ashli Babbitt. We are certain that it would have been covered as part of the larger investigation.

Last, before the video, this is a gruesome warning to law enforcement. Trump and his people want everyone involved outed, putting their lives in danger. Any number of frothing MAGAs might see it as their duty to avenge Ashli. They want law enforcement in the future to think twice about confronting MAGA Trump supporters, lest MAGA attention and anger fall upon them.

So there it is. Could anyone else on earth take advantage of someone’s loss of life “better” than Trump? No one on Twitter believes so:

Yes, this is what happens when it goes unpunished. It is time to prosecute the coup.

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