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Ultra MAGA Allen West Contracts COVID After Taking Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin

This is always a quandary.

We never wish illness upon anyone, we never hope anyone loses their life, we have some humanity. The problem comes when someone prominent, Joe Rogan, for example, gets COVID, announces that they are treating it with Ivermectin, and lives to tell the story. Obviously, most people who get COVID do not die, and thus the MAGAs are left with the belief that Ivermectic cured the COVID issue and the mindset hardens that much more.

Our latest case is Allen West, most recently the head of the Texas GOP and all-around MAGA celebrity. West wrote in a tweet:

“After taking COVID and flu shots, Angela West tested positive for COVID yesterday, Friday. Col. West is experiencing a low grade fever and light body aches. Out of concern for public health, Col. West is suspending in-person events until receiving an all-clear indication.”

He also added:

“Col. West will be available through virtual means to do events until his family’s health issue is rectified. He is already taking Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin protocols. The West family thanks y’all for your prayers. ‘God’s blessings and Texas First!

West has said that he is not “anti-vax” but believes it should be a personal choice. We often at this site interpret such statements as “I’ve been vaccinated, but don’t really want to talk about it.”

But again, with respect to West, the more important takeaway is that cases like these: “I have COVID, but don’t worry, I’m treating it with Ivermectin” are a problem. With social media the way it is nowadays, it’s all too easy to get the news out and when the person survives, like Rogan, it’s attributed to the Ivermectin instead of someone who simply fought COVID off.

By advertising the drug, it ensures that more people will do the same, possibly to the detriment of their lives. We never wish sickness and death on anyone, and yet these people make it that much harder.

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