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Watch Poor, Sad RN Escorted Out of UCLA Medical Center for ‘Standing Up for Her Rights’

This is not about vaccinations. It only became about vaccinations when Joe Biden became president and asked the country to get vaccinated. That did it.

Initially, vaccinations were for the elderly, and rightly so, back before the Delta variant, the elderly were far more susceptible to the virus than younger adults. We did not hear a lot of “do your research” back from the elderly. They counted upon actual doctors to do their research. They couldn’t afford to make a political statement.

But younger MAGAs want to make that political statement as their new, and best, means of triggering the liberals. The younger set believes they’ll survive no matter what, so they rather enjoy driving people crazy.

Watch this nurse from UCLA Harborview Medical Center as she gets escorted out of the building. She knows better. She knows that vaccinations work. She just prefers to stick to her Trumpiness as a conservative and oppose mandates, whether they come from the federal government, states, employers, she just knows that she must stand up. This is political:

Twitter was not at all forgiving:


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