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Watch Rally Crowd Go Absolutely Silent When Trump Talks His Crazy Election Conspiracies

Is it even remotely possible that perhaps Trump has worn out the conspiracy theories that he used to pump as the juice for corruption?

We are not talking about the overall lines about the election being stolen, that he won, that everything is corrupt, no – those are definitely still applause lines, they want to hear those. But maybe they’ve heard the stories from each state a few too many times.

Tonight, he was really into Pennsylvania. He went back to the old trope, debunked only about 300 times now, the “more votes than voters, that’s a tough one to explain.” Actually, it is quite easy, there were not more votes than voters and that’s been debunked about… oh, we already noted it. No applause, dead silence.

He wants the people of Pennsylvania to be angry, that this could be allowed to happen. No applause, dead silence.

He was up by “massive numbers on election day” (in Pennsylvania) the news was even saying “wow” what a big lead in Pennsylvania. No applause, complete silence.

By the way, did you know that he loves Pennsylvania? He went to school there, great people in Pennsylvania, not the people who voted for Biden, but the others, great people. No applause, dead silence.

And so he was up so much, and then the polls closed, the “tabulations closed,” but three o’clock in the morning, it’s tied! No, losing by just a little bit. It’s always just a little bit (says the man who won four states in 2016 by “just a little bit.”).

It’s a disgrace, it’s really a disgrace. No applause, dead silence.

Is it possible that even the crowd in Iowa knew that the mail-in votes weren’t counted until after the poll votes?  Trump knew. we’ve all read reports on how he was briefed before the election, “Sir, expect to have a lead early, but do not count on that because…”

We can only hope that he just continues to talk about the same thing, over and over and over. Because the only applause lines he received tonight came from bashing Biden. Perhaps his cult isn’t there to rehash the election. They know he “won,” but don’t want to hear it again, how it all happened.

They are there to own the libs and talking about polling in Pennsylvania and hearing that it’s a great state, well – you judge, measure the silence, and see what reading you get:

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