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Americans Laughing After Clueless Trump Says a Gallon of Gas is $7.50 Now Because of Biden

The only real question is why Trump didn’t say that it is now $12 for a gallon of gas in California? Why didn’t Trump say that you could buy a lot of California wine for less money than gasoline in California? He was on Fox, on Mark Levin’s show. It is not like someone was going to say, “Oh, no – ‘Sir,’ you have that wrong, it is only…”

Gas prices are incredibly important to most Americans, especially red Americans who tend to live in smaller towns and rural areas, areas without public transportation. The difference between $2 a gallon and $3 a gallon is the difference between a $20 pump and $30 pump (as everyone knows) and that $10 goes directly into the American’s pocket, to be used on other needed items (by the poor) or saved. If one drives a lot and fills does that fill up two to three times a week, it really adds up over a month.

So it’s an important issue. The problem is, absent an international crisis like a war or blockade, the president has fck all to do with gas prices. Indeed, if the president had anything to do with gas prices during 2020 versus now, it is because Trump handled the COVID rollout so badly that the money and might of the United States was used to spread the disease around the world rather than stamping the disease out.

COVID is hitting poorer nations right now, some of which do the shipping that serves a global market price (the price is not set in Houston). But even that is a stretch. It is just economics.

But again, Trump was on Fox so when he claimed that gas prices were $7.50 a gallon, the Fox viewers afraid to get out of bed in the morning are adding up the difference between two, to three, to seven and fully believing Trump. They believed Biden raised the prices with that damned Green New Deal (that isn’t a law) and all the inflation (caused by the same bottlenecks.)

Again, the only amazing thing is that Trump didn’t say $15.75. Because the average price of a gallon of gas in California is $4.50.

Twitter had a field day:

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