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AOC’s Comments on ‘GOP Diversity’ and Kevin McCarthy’s ‘Limited Vocabulary’ are Pure Gold

It was an amazing news week.

There was the verdict, which rightly took up two news cycles, and better take up more, given the problems the verdict belies. The House passed the Build Back Better bill, and – of course, various Trump statements, most going unpublished because we won’t amplify his every whine, only those that are either funny or impact the GOP’s future.

The week was busy enough that we missed catching AOC’s brilliant commentary running alongside Kevin McCarthy’s eight-hour marathon speech, ranting about pre-k childcare, unions, and all that other horrific stuff that comes from Democratic legislation:

According to Mediaite – with the transcript:

In what was an Instagram Live video, a portion of which was shared below via Twitter, Ocasio-Cortez brutally mocked McCarthy and the House Republicans in support.

“Kevin McCarthy, speaking against unions, speaking against universal child care, universal pre-k,” she noted, before mocking House Republicans sitting near the House Minority Leader as “along with all these Agent Smiths in the background exhibiting the stunning diversity of the Republican party, look at all those different colored ties and haircuts. I have never seen a more diverse Republican party than the one behind Kevin McCarthy right now.”

Multi-colored ties and haircuts as diversity? AOC will be with us a long time and we best enjoy her “freer” moments while young and untethered by the weight of responsibility that will – ideally – someday rest upon her shoulders. (She is headed for bigger things, just learning her way, one can feel it).

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 She “complimented” the House Minority Leader for managing “to speak for over an hour with one of the lowest vocabularies I have ever seen, coming from a member of House Leadership.

“It is stunning to me how long a person can talk, knowing and exhibiting and communicating so little.”

And we all rise in applause, regretting only that we didn’t publicize it the moment it was released. But it was a busy week and we got there eventually:



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