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Boom: Select Committee Targets ‘Organizers,’ Subpoenas Roger Stone and Alex Jones

If a person got one chance to guess at one possible link, person to person, between Trump and an actual conspiracy on January 6th to ensure Pence could not complete his duties, that one person would almost have to be the same person who likely stood between Trump and an indictment for colluding with Russia in the 2016 election (assuming for a moment that there was unproven collusion which – obviously, remains unproven), it would have to be Roger Stone. Many people believed that had Roger Stone somehow been forced to tell the truth, he would have been the one person that could have confirmed that Trump knew of and approved the use of WikiLeaks’ information from the Russian government. Collusion.

Roger Stone was also conspicuously present in the days running up to the January 6th riot, using Oath Keepers as his own security service. One will – of course – recall, that there have already been several Oath Keepers arrested and charged with conspiracy to implement the actual riot.

Today, the January 6th committee issued subpoenas to Roger Stone and Alex Jones taking the entire investigation to another level.

Fewer people know that Jones actually appeared on camera and admitted (bragged) that the White House asked him to organize the march from the “rally” up to the “riot.” From Salon:

The White House told me three days before: We’re going to have you lead the march.’ He went on to say that 30 minutes before the end of Trump’s speech at the Rotunda, the Secret Service planned to take Jones out of the crowd to the spot where the march was supposed to begin. He went on to say, ‘Trump will tell people: Go, and I’m going to meet you at the Capitol.’ Jones’ statements are basically a full-on admission about his involvement in the riots, although he can always hide behind saying he did not intend for the rally to get violent.

If Trump runs for President in 2024, do you think he will win?

So “the White House” told him. The Secret Service led him. We are sure that the Committee wants to ask “Who” in the White House asked him to organize that march.

Unfortunately, if the past is any indication, both will lie or freely go to prison to protect Trump, perhaps hoping that Trump wins again in 2024 (Or any MAGA), destroys justice again in 2024, and again pardons friends who protect him again. Something once thought inconceivable.

Of course, it was once thought inconceivable that we’d need to have a one-party (primarily) committee investigating an attempted overthrow of the American government.

Also, don’t forget Trump telling the crowd that he would be right there with them. Had Trump actually led them, they might have succeeded. There would have been people with guns on all sides. But Trump is no Che Guevara and he never walked up that hill. Much better to watch on television and keep some deniability.

Regardless, the January 6th committee wants to hear from these two and at a minimum, they will be charged with contempt of Congress and go to prison. We do not believe either of them will hand Trump over to the committee. That doesn’t mean it’s not big news, nor does it mean it wasn’t the right thing to do. And, there are other ways for the committee to get that link to Trump.
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