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Conservative David Frum Notes Strong Ties Between Trump and Russia: And MAGAs Aren’t Even Denying It

There are those of us that will never not believe that the Trump campaign and Russia colluded in some form or fashion to win the 2016 election. The stakes alone nearly compelled both parties to work together and the available evidence suggests – but doesn’t prove – they did.

Remember, Robert Mueller never had access to Trump’s financial records, nor did he have access to anyone who would tell the truth. If he had access to either or both, he might have come to a different conclusion. Eventually, the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee did find that Trump campaign manager (at the time) Paul Manafort passed critical inside information on targeted areas to Ukrainian and Russian officials tied to Putin. It may not fit a “criminal conspiracy” but it’s not far, and it all depends on one’s definition of collusion.

Conservative David Frum is revisiting the subject and has some interesting things to say. From Rawstory:

“The confirmed record may not add up to a criminal conspiracy either, not as that concept is defined by U.S. law,” Frum writes. “Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team stated that they could not prove any such conspiracy. But the confirmed record suggests an impressive record of cooperation toward a common aim — even if the terms of the cooperation were not directly communicated by one party to the other.

True, and we just said something similar.

“It remains fact that Russian hackers and spies helped his campaign,” Frum writes. “It remains fact that the Trump campaign welcomed the help. It remains fact that Trump’s campaign chairman sought to share proprietary campaign information with a person who the Senate report identified as a ‘Russian intelligence officer.’ It remains fact that Trump hoped to score a huge payday in Russia even as he ran for president. It remains fact that Trump and those around him lied, and lied, and lied again about their connections to Russia.”

Permit us to also point out that it is a fact that Trump never once crossed Putin or Russia as president. Some might find that relevant. Interesting facts.

If Trump runs for President in 2024, do you think he will win?


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