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Criminologist Says Kyle Rittenhouse’s Testimony is ‘Arrogant’ and ‘Bordering on Sociopathic’

During Kyle Rittenhouse’s testimony on Wednesday, his words, and his body language seemed at odds with each other. That intrigued criminologist Casey Jordan, who discussed the situation in a panel on HLN. Jordan suggested that during his testimony the 18-year-old showed sociopathic tendencies, Raw Story [1] reports.

Jordan discussed the case during a break in Rittenhouse’s testimony about the fateful night of August 25, when he is accused of sh00ting and k*lling two men and wounding a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Jordan noted that Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger’s “dogged” cross-examination of Rittenhouse.

“And really what he’s trying to do is say, you put yourself into a position where this give-and-take — and that’s why we’re in court — resulted in the loss of life,” Jordan explained. “And Mr. Rittenhouse’s credit, he is approaching this, he is saying all the words correctly. He has been very well prepared. He is probably what we call autodidactic. He’s taught himself everything he needs to say about the criminal law to fit his needs.”

However, no matter how careful Rittenhouse is, Jordan has noted that when it comes to body language, not all the dots connect.

“But his demeanor is going to be his worst enemy,” she said. “He is coming across as so confident, so arrogant, so unapologetic to almost be — I would argue — bordering on a sociopathic personality. He just believes what he did was right and he believes the court should agree as well.”

Jordan couldn’t help but wonder:

“And I don’t if that’s going to come back to bite him. It’s his demeanor, not his words, not his words, that are going to get him in trouble.”

Indeed, in some parts of his testimony, Rittenhouse almost looks offended by Binger’s questions and displays momentary defiance. Despite the fact that he wept at one point, he really does seem arrogant at some points.

Is this an indication that he somehow feels “entitled” to be found not guilty? Because what the jury will hopefully remember is that Anthony Huber, 26, and Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, would still [2] be walking around if he hadn’t brought his rifle that night.

Here’s what Jordan had to say in the video below.