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Fox News Gets Caught Deceptively Editing Video to Make Biden Look and Sound Racist

This is just idiotic.

I really do get that Fox News is aimed at people who are, let’s say, not the sharpest crayons on the heater. I do. But it’s almost like they think their broadcasts exist in a bubble that only those people can see.

During a news break between segments of Fox & Friends on Veterans’ Day, a smirking Rachel Campos-Duffy appeared onscreen to chide Joe Biden over his Satchel Paige anecdote during a speech he’d given that day. We’ve already reported on conservatives trying to make it seem like Biden was saying something racist, but this takes the cake.

The video that plays during Campos-Duffy’s bit is actually edited to make it seem as though Biden is saying exactly what the right-wing tried to convince us all he was saying. Which he wasn’t saying.

The whole effort was to make Joe’s order of words sound like he was calling legendary pitcher Satchel Paige “the great negro at the time.” The full statement, of course, reveals that Biden paused to clarify for listeners that the league Paige pitched in was called the Negro League, not that he was calling Paige a negro.

It’s absolute desperation for a news network to totally reframe the video so that it removes all context and makes someone look like they’re saying something they’re not. But the attempt itself here is actually pathetic. At the end of the edited part of the video, Biden’s hand jumps back into the frame where it did not appear half a second earlier. I know Joe’s not a spry guy anymore, but he’s definitely also not a ninja.

Watch the Fox version of the video for yourself, and see if you’re as disappointed in those liars as I am for just not even pretending to care anymore:

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