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Fox News’s Lara Logan Compares Fauci to Notorious Nazi Animal Dr. Joseph Mengele

Dr. Anthony Fauci won the Presidential Medal of Freedom under President Bush in 2008, back when no one really politicized medicine or pandemics (We will absolutely acknowledge that our LGTBQ community was sacrificed for nearly a decade and AIDS was political).

Dr. Anthony Fauci was reportedly a basketball star in his youth, small and wiry, a point guard. He finished first in his class at Cornell Med, a school safely within the top ten in the country. He could have done anything, made a fortune doing some kind of radiology research, worked for big pharma, whatever he wanted. He went into public health, working for the U.S. Government on a government salary.

Dr. Fauci can walk onto any medical school campus anywhere on earth and be seen as a god-like figure. His contributions have been that great. Back before he lost a bit of energy (he is 81), he wasn’t in front of microphones and cameras so much, he was in a lab, doing research.

As he slowed down a bit and his legend grew, he was used more and more as a teacher of medicine to the public and a leading authority. As Obama once said, “If Anthony Fauci tells me the vaccine is safe, of course I’ll take it.” That’s how much Fauci’s name and opinion weighs.

The MAGAs say he likes preening in front of the camera, loves the media attention. We doubt it. But let’s just give it to them anyway. Let’s say they are right, let’s just pretend Fauci loves the limelight. So what? Does that alone make his advice wrong? Hell no, and his advice has comported with other infectious disease and public health experts around the world. Dr. Fauci has done nothing more than live up to the oath he took the day he graduated from medical school, “Above all else, do no harm.”

Dr. Joseph Mengele, on the other hand, is one of history’s true monsters. We aren’t delving into his record because we cannot stomach it at the moment, though his victims deserve to be remembered and respected with dignity. Mengele was a man who took captured Jews and used them to do medical experiments that would have been controversial in rats at the time.

Today, Lara Logan, once a respected 60 Minutes reporter, compared Dr. Fauci to Dr. Mengele. We aren’t sure if there’s ever been a statement that more clearly exemplifies where this country stands between reasonable people who live their lives like educated reasonable people, and those who – for the purposes of cash alone, will say anything to take MAGA anger to another level.

Do you think for one second that Logan believes that Fauci is anywhere remotely near Joseph Mengele? Of course not! She knows he is just trying to do his job. Logan is not stupid.

She is free to think he’s made mistakes, she’s free to think he’s become too power-hungry. But in an ethical and civilized world, she is not free to make that kind of accusation. This is as disgusting as it gets, and remember, she knows the truth, she is saying this for money alone.

We encourage everyone to hit the link to the tweet and review some of the replies. The outrage is as severe as we’ve seen in a long time.

Dr. Fauci is not infallible. He makes mistakes. He likely has a significant ego. He might even be a little power-hungry. We don’t know. We do know that when President Bush’s team got around to reviewing who had made exceptional lifetime achievements worthy of the nation’s highest civilian honor, they picked Anthony Fauci as one deserving.

Laura Logan compares him to Mengele. This is the Republican party’s slide in just 13 years, because they don’t like masks, vaccines, or “being told what to do” in any circumstances. It is like “Nazis.” How many times have we heard that?

Funny. If a MAGA reported severe pain in their abdomen and lower back, got an MRI that showed a tumor, there would be no argument about using the latest approved medicines or procedures. Only this one, only the advice that upsets the libs gets them angry.


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